Sunday, April 26, 2009

Baradene Collage

I got into Baradene College! Yippee! The letter arrived just before we went to Palmerston North at Easter. When mum brought the letter in to me I was really excited. My friend Emma also got in. I hope I'm in her class.

The end


  1. Hi Georgia, I am so happy for you, because it sounds like you really wanted to go there. I was very impressed the way you presented your portfolio on your attributes (on a Laptop!). It will be wonderful having your friend Emma attending there as well. I hope you get in the same class too, but hey, you can both always meet for lunch!! Good girl and I am very proud of you. See you in September!!
    Love - Aunty Elaine xoxox

  2. hi georgia this is mia i am also waiting for my baradene acceptance slip. we have never met before i really like this site

  3. Hi Mia,
    I have gotten in to baradene and I hope you did too. Maybe you will one day meet me ;)