Sunday, April 26, 2009

Baradene Collage

I got into Baradene College! Yippee! The letter arrived just before we went to Palmerston North at Easter. When mum brought the letter in to me I was really excited. My friend Emma also got in. I hope I'm in her class.

The end

Friday, April 3, 2009

My Random Posting

Yesterday I had an interview at Baradene College because I want to apply to attend for next year. Mum and Dad came with me. I had to take along a portfolio of work I'm proud of so I took Mum's laptop to show my e-Portfolio on KnowledgeNet, my Excellence medal and certificates and my fruit/vege painting. The lady asked me about what I knew about Baradene College, my favourite subjects at school and what I like to do out of school. I didn't like the older girls uniforms but the younger girls uniform was better! I was nervous before the interview but the lady was nice and we went out to lunch afterwards - I had a sausage roll and a frozen coke! I hope I get accepted but we don't find out until next week.